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Financial Info

   Ferrinox Automotive s.r.l.
   Via Lega Lombarda , 7
   27020  Gravellona Lomellina (PV) Italy
   Tel: (+39) 0381 386227

   P.IVA 06442380967  VAT.NO. IT06442380967

   Administrator mail: amministrazione@ferrinoxautomotive.it
Inox Plate Finger
Inox Wire Finger
Small Pitch Column
Strong Column
Adjustable Column
Horizontal Column
Self Anchorage
Plastic Cover
Special Applications
Glass Roof
Anti-Crush System
Articulated Finger
Articulated Column
Stapling Finger

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Ferrinox Automotive s.r.l. - Via Lega Lombarda, 7 -27020 - Gravellona Lomellina - (PV) Italy - Tel: +39 0381386227 - P.IVA IT06442380967